Are you thinking of starting your own electronic newsletter? Email newsletters in this way is a great way to boost business, interact with customers, and to keep your customers thinking about you. But we find that it is too often the case that businesses using email newsletters can forget the impact that images can have. Here, we will take a look at how images in your newsletter and email newsletter materials can take your marketing to the next level. We will also tell you how you can generate these images for your newsletter, and who can help, if needed.

Deliver dynamic content

Studies show that today, content is king when it comes to email newsletters. Readers are much more interested in interesting, helpful tidbits of information. An enewsletter or newsletter is just one way you can deliver great content to your customers! When you give them dynamic content, they are more likely to visit your webpage especially if you link back to your website (ask us how?) They are also more likely to be return customers in the future, or even recommend you to others. You will also find that they are more likely to interact with you on social media. Images are a very visual type of dynamic content that you can add to your emails.

Ideas to generate images

When you use images in your email newsletters, they should be interesting, fun, and related to your content. But where can you get such images? Some people turn to stock photos, or websites that provide such images. However, this is not the only way that you can get great images for use in your email newsletters. You can also ask your staff to submit images for use. Or, run contests for your customers. Have them submit images. If you choose one of their images you can offer them a prize, like a discount or a free item.

Hire a professional

Are you new to email newsletters? Need someone to take your newsletter campaign to the next level? How about someone who can work on your behalf to find great images for email newsletter use? Either way, you may want to consider hiring a professional to take care of this for you. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your email newsletters will be taken to the next level. Any and all of your images used will be perfectly matched to your content, of great quality, and interesting for readers. Save the time you would spend on this task doing something more important for your business.

Image copyright

All images come with copyright guidelines so it is important to ensure that you have permission to use the image for your email newsletters newsletter. We get asked regularly if an image from Google can be used on your email newsletter and the answer is simply ‘No!’ We recommend the following websites where you can purchase the image for a small fee and use in many areas in your business.  Be sure to check the fine print though just to be sure.

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