Episode #12 Team Training with Tracey Leak

Episode #12 Team Training with Tracey Leak


Tracey Leak is a long time lover of small business, from the Gold Coast, Australia, who for the last 16 years has been the trusted business coach to small business owners around the world to help them achieve a more profitable business with less stress.

Using practical strategies – that work – Tracey empowers small business owners to gain the skills and confidence to grow their business. As a best-selling author, in-demand speaker and franchising expert, Tracey believes that keeping things simple is the key to success – in business and life!

On this podcast episode, I share a conversation with Tracey Leak who is a business coach specialising in working with Franchises.  What I love about Tracey is that she simplifies business.  Where many coaches can overcomplicate business, Tracey focusses more on the person behind the business, because the business is run by a real person with a real family and they have fears, feelings hopes and dreams.

During this episode we discuss some of the nitty gritty of simplifying business. How you can simplify building your team, simplify your training, best practices, elements of good training as well as so much more.

During this episode:

  • Tracey’s background
  • Tracey’s team training background
  • When did she started training her team
  • Recommendation on Face to Face or zoom or online training
  • Pros and cons of team training virtually or face to face
  • Elements of good team training
  • Benefits of team training to clients and the team (case studies)

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Website: Tracey Leak
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Instagram: @traceyleak75
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