Creating a Clear Call to Action on your Webinar

Creating a Clear Call to Action on your Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a fantastic way to build your list but it is important to create a clear call to action on your webinar.  This will enable you to build a conversion.  Having a conversion then generates profits depending on the call to action. People are lazy so if you don’t tell them what to do, most of them will not do anything.

A clear call to action should encourage a sense of urgency due to the clearness and the information shared throughout the presentation provided. It will provide the next steps to take. It explains what, when, why, where, and how to proceed to obtain the benefits.

  • Be clear & concise – Use direct words like “Click Here to Get the ABC Toolkit” or other actionable words to tell them directly what they need to do to capture the benefits of the offer. Don’t make them guess.
  • Offer a guarantee – Reiterate the benefits of your offer, and the guarantee you are making them to reduce their fear of signing up or purchasing ie: 30 day money back guarantee and we part as friends.
  • Play on their emotions – You want them to feel as if the offer is so good that if they don’t do it now they’ll lose out on the opportunity. Use words that make them feel as if they will miss out if they don’t act, or they will belong if they do act.
  • Add incentives to action – Bulk up the offer by adding incentives to it. “Purchase now, and get a set of steak knives too.” Or “Buy within the next 30 minutes and get 30% off, plus an extra report, plus another incentive.”

Encourage those who answer your call to action to post on social media about their purchase or action. People like sharing what they love and they like to feel part of a bigger picture.

Now it is time for you to create your call to action on your webinar presentation slides.  Use the methods above to create your special offer which will lead back to your website, a purchase and ultimately your list.

How to Engage through your PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Most presenters use PowerPoint for their presentation slides, however many presenters make quite a few mistakes. They make their slides too wordy, don’t add enough images. The audience then just ends up reading the slides instead of listening to the presenter. The presentation is then not interesting and of course the audience starts yawning, walking out or switching off the webinar well before you get to your sales pitch. Here are a few key things that you should add to your presentation slides to induce greater engagement and keep your audience wanting more:

Less words, more images to your presentation slides

This is simple and effective. Don’t add your whole speech to your presentation slides, make the wording on the slides simple with lots of images. If you had to give out a truckload of information, then you could have just handed out a book or a digital white paper. Why would you pile on information in the presentation slides? A presentation is about your engagement with the audience and you, not that of the audience with the PowerPoint presentation slides.

Set the agenda at the beginning of the presentation

Tell the audience at the beginning what they are going to get out of your presentation. Get them excited and engaged from the start, include a funny quip if you are humorous but the main trick is to get your audience engaged from the very start.

Make your presentation slides enticing

Your presentation slides must be enticing. They cannot be just slides loaded with three to five points talking about two or three numbers and a handful of facts. PowerPoint presentations should have images, videos, audio effects and evoking stories that would make the facts relevant and fun to learn. If you bore your audience with a humdrum of presentation slides, then the first casualty would be engagement and the second would be the whole purpose of the presentation.

It’s not just about the slides

You are the expert in your field! Give your audience facts, give them information, give them quality content! Make them want more! This doesn’t need to be listed on the presentation slides. Show them with videos, share your screen if you are working through software examples or use other visual cues. You can even set up interviews with other experts!  Get your audience engaged with many different visual cues, it doesn’t just have to be on a set of presentation slides!

Ask questions

The job of conveying the message is yours as a presenter and the presentation slides are only there to set the mood. But don’t make the presentation a one way or a one dimensional discussion. You need to consider multiple views or the possibility of other opinions. As you present your facts and the information, raise questions with your audience and engage your audience to answer those questions. While you would have slides concluding with facts, have slides that raise objection, shed light on contrasting views, to set the agenda and to make space for discussions which will allow your audience to get involved.

Call to Action

At the end of your presentation, have an explicit call to action, use your business logos and contact details effectively and conclude with key takeaways. Once you are done with your presentation, encourage questions and have backup slides that would be answers or illustrations responding to those questions. You should be able to anticipate some of the queries while preparing the PowerPoint presentation slides.  Another option is to send out for the questions earlier.

6 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Rock your Webinars

6 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Rock your Webinars

Organising some slides on a PowerPoint Presentation for a Webinar is still important even if you are doing a demonstration or screen sharing.  

You can arrange to have an introduction slide as well as a final slide with your details and of course don’t forget a promotion slide too. PowerPoint has some really awesome presentation tools and we’re going to discuss some of those presentation tips below.  There are dozens of other software available that can help you to come up with a presentation but PowerPoint remains to be the most user-friendly and easiest to use with lots of features.  Here are 6 tips that can really help to rock your Webinar:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation should be used as a visual tool only, which can include snippets, bullet points, illustrations, images or video. The remaining job is that of the presenter to really engage the audience with the quality information that they are presenting.  The presenter should also deliver the presentation with consistent energy that will engage the audience.
  2. PowerPoint presentations should not contain a lot of written text. If you fill your presentation with written text, you will find that the audience will not be listening to the presenter but they will be reading the text on the screen.
  3. Highlighting, bolding, underlining or enlarging text can draw focus to key points in your presentation.
  4. Use lots of images.  Most people are visual so by using visual images to capture your topic, you will engage your audience.  Infographics are also fantastic to use on PowerPoint presentations, try not to make them too wordy though as the audience will just read from the screen.
  5. Use your PowerPoint presentation to raise questions or present facts which will lead to questions from the audience and make your webinar and presentation really interactive.
  6. Use custom slides where possible – Differing from the built-in PowerPoint presentation themes will make sure your presentation is unique and give it an edge.

The average attention span of people is dwindling. We only allow a short time for something to capture our attention. Else, we get distracted and look for something else. So these are just a few tips on how can you make your PowerPoint presentation effective and keep your webinar attendees engaged!