The benefits of choosing a package over an hourly rate

The benefits of choosing a package over an hourly rate

When comparing packages for Virtual Industry Professionals or Online Business Managers (OBM), it can be a little like comparing apples to oranges as each business offers different core values, strengths, performance and of course services and what is included in that service list.

The best steps for yourself as a client is to work out what you require from the OBM by writing an extensive list. Once you have your extensive list, then you can see if these services match up to the services that the OBM can complete. There may also be an opportunity to bring on a second Virtual Industry Professional or OBM if the list is quite diverse or extensive.

Have a think about what core values that you would also like in your OBM to ensure that they align with your business. You can speak to the OBM in regards to the core values to ensure that they are a good fit to your team and work well with you, your business and your current team.

Once you have your extensive list of services that you require, it is important to go back over the list and circle the items that you are comfortable in outsourcing during the first month. This is normally quite a lot shorter than your extensive list. Remember that you will be building a relationship with the OBM and you want to be able to maximise the use of the package available. If you have the list ready to go when you start, it will ease the setup and establishment with the OBM and ensure a more streamlined approach which will ultimately lead to a great working relationship.

Do you have any procedures set up?  If you have a procedure manual set up, this can ease the first initial month. Don’t forget that if you don’t, you can arrange for the OBM to set it up and update the procedure manual for your business.

When looking at a package, there are many benefits. Have a think about your extensive list and also your first month task list. What you are inclined to pay for the service and then get some quotes and speak to the OBM.  If the budget doesn’t quite meet the service package, have a chat to the OBM or look at moving some tasks to a later month. By choosing a package, you know what you will be paying each month, there are no hidden costs or expenses unless otherwise negotiated. This means that you can maintain a consistent cash flow in your business. You can even set up a direct debit to go from your account to the OBMs account each month or as agreed.

By choosing a package there are no blow outs in time or hours. What you think may take to complete a task could in fact take longer or there could be issues or extra items that are required. By purchasing an all inclusive package, there are no blowouts in time and therefore no nasty surprises when the invoice comes in.

In review, a package is normally better priced and has many more features than an hourly rate. The OBM is normally established in their business and can price a package quite effectively.  There are no hidden charges or costs, no nasty blow outs or extra time. The packages will quite often meet your budget as well and you will know what you are paying each month. By knowing what you are paying each month makes good business sense and enables you to maintain a regular cash flow.

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