How to Invite Customers to your Webinar?

How to Invite Customers to your Webinar?

Once you have put together a presentation with a wealth of content. You will want people to attend your webinar.

So how do you arrange for participants to attend?

Here are some techniques that will help you to create an invitation that will have them registering quickly to your online webinar.

  • Do not sell the product, this is part of what you will do while presenting, instead you want to sell the offer.
  • Hype up the event and the information that they will receive on your presentation – content is King! Besides while the goal will be to sell something, you don’t want your potential participants to know that, just yet!
  • Have a sales/landing page that allows them to register easily and effectively with no fuss. Include a shorter video on there too.
  • Send a great email newsletter invitation to your list to get them to sign up by leading them back to your sales page.
  • Advertise on Social Media and promote your webinar.

What you should include in your invitation

The invite needs to have facts and by showing them as benefits will develop a much a better registration result. Ensure that you really detail what sort of content that they will receive on the webinar and the benefit it is to them. By ensuring that your pitch and wording is right you will receive many more registrations.

Add images, videos and other graphics to your invitation. People are visual and often look at images or videos before reading the pitch. Infographics are a great way to show the benefits and other information as well.

A very important part of the invitation is to give the potential participant some information. They have to know what they are getting into by spending an hour watching your webinar. If they are going to participate, then you have to let them know why they should participate. You need to tell them who will be speaking at the webinar. For example, if it’s the tech genius of the world, qualifications and other information to really show their expert status.

Also include the date and time of the webinar. There are many resources and options available to allow for time conversion calculators so that the potential participant is able to convert their time into their local time. Ensure that you also send reminders leading up to the webinar as well and you can automate this feature.

Download our Essential Webinar Checklist which provides you with a step by step guide for hosting your webinar.

How to Host an Online Webinar

How to Host an Online Webinar

Technology is constantly transforming and changing the way the business practices are done. Online webinars are becoming the latest craze due to the ability to make traditional seminars more cost and time effective. Now educating your staff is more affordable and convenient with the help of software designed to make online webinars easy. Hosting an online webinar is no longer complex or expensive with the help of online webinar software. We discussed a few different types of free online webinar software in a previous article.

Why does it help?

This online webinar hosting software offered by Anymeeting is specifically designed to make everything easier just for you. If you have a business that is reliant on regular meetings, you can benefit greatly from hosting webinars online instead of meeting in person. Online webinars take some getting used to, but they take traveling out of the equation to help you save both time and money. Now you have the ability to stay in the office and still get access to the meeting or seminar that you need to be present at. Attending webinars from the comfort of your own office is possible through the use of software offered by Anymeeting.

Why choose Anymeeting?

With the help of online webinar software provided by Anymeeting, you can host an online webinar for free. This service allows you to invite up to 200 guests to your webinar without any time limits attached. Now it is possible to stay connected in the office without ever having to leave. Holding a meeting online is becoming the preferred way to make your business more productive and efficient. Anymeeting will provide you a link for the online webinar to send to your attendees to register and attend. If you decide to upgrade, you can also record and host the online webinar within Anymeeting. There are no ads in the Pro Features as well.

How to host

Hosting an online webinar will ensure that more people get access to the information that you are making available. The best part is that online webinars are so much cheaper and easier to host. You do not need to rent out a building designed to hold the amount of individuals that will be accessing your webinar, because it is completely online. Webinars are the new trend replacing traditional seminars. You can host easily from the convenience of your own office and do not have to have a lot of experience with software to host your very own webinar. A couple things that you will need is a fast and stable internet connection and also a microphone and headset. You can upload a presentation to the online webinar software and also a poll to quiz your attendees. You can host easily from the convenience of your own office and do not have to have a lot of experience with software to host your very own webinar.

You will be amazed by how simple and easy it is to actually host your own online webinar with software from Anymeeting. Since there is free and paid version, you do not have to worry about the cost or time limits. If you would like some assistance with hosting an online webinar, we have some great specialist packages available and you can contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

How to decide on a Free Webinar Software Program

How to decide on a Free Webinar Software Program

Webinar software allows you to use technology to your advantage. The ability to save time and money is now possible in ways that were not always available using traditional seminars. We often need to travel to seminars, but online webinar software removes the need to travel to an event. Now you can host or sit in on a webinar from the comfort of your own office. There are many different types of free webinar software that are designed to make meetings more technologically advanced. However, not all this software is exactly the same or offers the same features. It is important to know what types of free webinar software are best and which features matter most.

What are your audience limitations? The first thing that you must consider when you are comparing free webinar software, involves the amount of individuals that can access your webinar at one time. Are there any limits in numbers? How many people will be attending the webinar? Most free webinar software does come with some number restrictions, but it is important to know what this limitation is. As long as your free webinar software allows your required audience numbers to access the webinar at once, you will be able to meet your customers demands. Make sure that you take the number limitation into consideration when you are comparing free webinar software.

What features are included? You will need access to free webinar software that enables you to present, instruct and demonstrate with ease. A simple to use interface is also critical if you do not have a lot of experience with this type of software. It is also important to also take security into consideration when you are looking at available features. You need to make sure that you data is safe and secure at all times. Other features to consider when looking at a free webinar software:

  • Do you need to send out invites from the webinar platform?
  • Will they register to attend at the webinar software?
  • Do you require a recording?
  • Will a link be available for the recording of the webinar or will you need to host the recording on your website or YouTube or via a file sharing option?
  • Do you require a screen sharing option?
  • Will all attendees be required to talk or will it be a listen only webinar?
  • Will attendees be able to ask questions via speaking or through a written chat box?

What technology do you need to host a webinar? When it comes to audio and video features, you will need a good internet connection to ensure that you don’t have any interference with drop outs and static voice or screen freezing. A good headset with microphone to avoid echo and computer camera if you are requiring a visual of yourself. This makes it easy to interact with the audience. There are many more features that come with free webinar software, but we have detailed the most important and also some other options for you to consider. Not all free webinar software is the same, so it is a good idea to have look at the best options.

Some of the Free Webinar Software programs available are:


Google Hangouts

There are a few more that offer free trials as well. Adminaholics has a great Specialist Webinar Package available to assist with technology, set up and marketing of your webinar.

Top 10 Reasons as to Why You Should Use Webinars for your Business

Top 10 Reasons as to Why You Should Use Webinars for your Business

With the popularity of technology, more and more businesses are beginning to use internet resources to hold meetings and communicate with potential customers. These programs can be especially beneficial for companies that have virtual assistants or interstate employees. With that being said, using a webinar program for your business can be quite advantageous for a numerous amount of reasons. Whether you are looking to show a video or conduct a presentation, Anymeeting is a great way to open a line of communication.

1. Convenience
Rather than having employees and potential customers venture to a specific location to learn more about the business and upcoming products and/or services, webinars enable everyone to tune in from the comfort of their home or office. With the added amount of convenience, more people are likely to view your webinar.

2. Streaming video
One of the main ways to communicate with a group is to use visual cues and considering that videos are extremely visual, webinars are a great way to stream video to everyone who is watching your stream. Whether you are looking to showcase an informative video or if you are simply looking to gather input on a new advertisement that you are interested in releasing, using a webinar can provide you with the opportunity to do either.

3. Conducting presentations
Alongside the benefit of convenience, conducting presentations with the use of webinar programs is a great way to enable everyone to view the presentation from their current location. This helps to minimise travel time and costs and more individuals will be able to participate in the presentation.

4. Educational
Webinars provide you with the opportunity to educate not only customers but also employees about the brand of your company and the image you want to portray.

5. Interactive
Having an interactive presentation or video is a great way to get everyone engaged in the message that you are trying to convey. Webinars allow everyone to speak with one another and bounce ideas off of each other in a professional setting.

6. Non-geographic
Having the opportunity to reach a customer base around the world can be quite advantageous. These webinar programs such as Anymeeting are not geographically based.

7. Cost effective
With a free and also several payment options, Anymeeting is a cost effective solution to looking for a convenient way to host webinars.

8. On-the-go
With the use of applications enabled for personal electronic devices, people can tune into webinars from wherever they are, such as at a restaurant or on a train commuting to work. Here is a link to the android app for Anymeeting.

9. Hold and record meetings
In order to ensure that you are able to effectively communicate in your office, using a webinar is a great way to hold meetings. Plus, with the use of a webinar program you can record your meetings for future review or download to host on YouTube or your website.

10. Personal URLs
For each webinar that you host, you can create a personal URL for individuals to tune into.

If you are unsure about the technology surrounding webinar technology, please get in touch with We have some great Presenters Guidelines and also some great specialist packages to assist you with your setup and management.