Episode #10 Google Adwords with James Yuille

Episode #10 Google Adwords with James Yuille


On this episode, I have a conversation with James Yuille from Media Glue.  James has an expansive marketing career and brings his insights into Google Adverts in this informative podcast episode.

We discuss all the elements of a google advert, keywords, keyword research, how you start to put an advert together, along with so much more. If you’ve been thinking about running google adverts, then this is the episode for you.

About James:

James Yuille is a 40+ year marketing veteran; marketing is in his DNA!

His specialty is direct response marketing and in 2002 when Google first released their AdWords program, James got really excited at the new frontiers it represented in direct response.

For the first time, AdWords allowed us to place an advert directly in front of a target audience who we knew were looking for the product or service offered. No more advertising to just anybody!

James saw the immediate benefits. Instead of spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars for ads in mass circulation print media, now, and sometimes for as little as a couple of dollars, your ad is only seen by your target audience on their internet enabled device.

And because everything is measured and recorded, it’s easy to see what works.

At school, his best subjects were Maths and English which combine in this space to enable him to write persuasive adverts and sales copy and to closely analyse the statics AdWords delivers to users.

With hundreds of successful campaigns under his belt, James is a Certified Google Premier AdWords Partner and a sought-after consultant, speaker and trainer in this environment.

When he’s not working, you’ll probably find him in his kitchen cooking organic foods or out walking and enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast where he lives with his wife Debra.

During this episode:

  • James Yuille’s story – background
  • Some background on Google Adverts
  • How he started
  • Keywords
  • Elements of a good advert
  • Benefits to clients (case studies)
  • Great resources on his website http://mediaglue.com.au/ads

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Connect with James Yuille

Website: Media Glue 
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Facebook: @mediaglue
LinkedIn: Mediaglue Pty Ltd