Episode #11 VA Outsourcing with Clay Navarro

Episode #11 VA Outsourcing with Clay Navarro


I had the pleasure of interviewing Clay Navarro from VA World to deep dive into outsourcing internationally.  During this interview we covered so much including the background of some of the VAs, what are some of the things you need to outsource, trust and risk mitigation, the cost to you as well as ethical outsourcing including cost of living.  We discussed the deep dive and also the benefits to clients.

I hope you enjoy this episode on how you can outsource internationally in an ethical way.

About Clay:

Clay is the Director of VA World Outsourcing. Although the business is less than 2 years old, they have had some success supplying companies in Australia and the US with high level virtual assistants to support them with various tasks in their businesses. Clay loves having fun and is always trying to find new ways to keep himself busy.

During this episode:

  • Clay Navarro’s story – background
  • Preferred Background of the Virtual Assistants
  • How he started outsourcing to international VAs
  • Cost of Outsourcing
  • Trust and business risk in Outsourcing
  • Processes of outsourcing successfully
  • Pitfalls that can be avoided

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