How to create killer subject lines to increase engagement!

How to create killer subject lines to increase engagement!

Writing great subject lines can be really quite difficult but makes all the difference to your open rates for your email newsletters. Newspapers and Bloggers ask themselves this question on a daily basis. However, you should be asking yourself this as well, when it comes to your email newsletters.

Subject lines are, to email newsletters, what headlines are to newspapers. Following are some great tips that you can use in order to create great subject lines. Better subject lines are more likely to get possible clients to open your email newsletters. And more opened emails can mean more sales.

Personalise it

One of the most effective ways to get people to open up email marketing messages is with personalisation. Personalisation within the subject line is simple to add with email marketing software. Consider adding first names in the subject line. This is probably the most effective way to personalise a subject line. Or you could include a location to get their attention. When using either of these tactics you should also write your headlines or subject lines as sentences. Just capitalise at the start with the first letter and drop any punctuation.

Use numbers

Numbers can do a lot for getting potential customers to open your email newsletters too. Studies show that by adding a natural seeming number to headlines can increase how many people open your messages exponentially. Try to use numbers that are not well rounded such as a 7 or 8 rather than a 5 or 10. Even adding in the decimal point can be a good tactic. You can also think about arranging your email as a list itself. Headlines for this sort of email newsletter may read, “8 Biggest Mistakes for Email Marketing.”  Including statistics or percentages can be a great lead in as well ie: 20% of industry are ….. or How to increase your open rates by 20%.

Express the shock!

Who does not love a bit of shock marketing or controversial headlines? When it comes to creating eye catching email newsletter headlines, think about putting something shocking, or controversial in your subject line. Call out your customer with something like, “Ways You Are Killing Your Email Newsletter open rates,” or “5 ways you are killing your business.” Comment on something happening in the news or headlines at the moment. Doing these things will make those on your email newsletter list much more likely to open up your email.

Ask a question!

By asking a question and then answering this in your content can increase open rates.

Still stuck?

Why not use an online headline creator. Here a few that we like that you might find useful.

Now this one is really cool, it will actually analyse your subject line –

Have you used another headline generator, share your favourites below.

Now that you have your readers attention, the next step is to provide your audience with interesting and useful content that will engage and keep your readers interested in your email newsletters.