Using Incentives to Engage Subscribers

Using Incentives to Engage Subscribers

Building a mailing list is a very important and highly effective way to increase your reach, engage subscribers and your sales from your website. By having a free incentive on your website which will then engage visitors to subscribe to your website, you will then gain direct access to engaged subscribers and raving fans.  A raving fan is someone that is engaged in what you are saying and because they are so engaged they want to read the information that you send to them. You can then regularly but not too regularly keep them informed regarding updates or even just remind them you exist and keep your brand awareness up. Be consistent with what you are sending to your subscribers to keep them engaged and wanting more!

But how do you go about getting people to sign up and what free incentives should you have on your website? Here are some of the ways that you can engage subscribers to hand over their email address. For instance…


Giving away a free informational product is a great way to get visitors to hand over their details. People love the idea of getting something for nothing and if you can make your ebook sound genuinely awesome then you will likely get a lot of subscribers signing up quickly!  Remember: people will regularly spend hundreds of dollars on quality ebooks so it is a great incentive to get them to pass over an email address! You can get someone to write you an ebook on the topic of your choice at a good value.  Make sure it is compelling to your subscribers.


Videos have one of the highest engagements on the web so you could provide a small video course or webinar on a topic that will get them subscribing for more.  You can drip feed the video course via autoresponder emails or you can arrange the full mini course on your website ready for your subscribers viewing.

Discounts / specials

Another common bonus that site owners offer for members is promised discounts or specials. If you let your subscribers know that your newsletters are going to contain vouchers and codes that give them a discount off then you’ll again find that this encourages a lot more signups. As with free things, subscribers love getting a bargain!


Of course anyone who signs up for a mailing list will essentially be getting information but you can make your form more enticing by pointing out specific information. A common option is to get someone to sign up to ‘be informed about our next event/webinar/workshop/training day/signing day’. This can provide engagement on where you will be so that they can receive further information and join you at the event.


Have you thought about a membership site that provides access to a VIP area or a subscription to a special area when they pass over their email address. If you have an online service, you can simplify this with an opt in or opt out or make it more exclusive by having them open an account on your website.

Book a free consultation

You can set up a free consultation appointment and engage subscribers to pass over an email address with an automated calendar service that they can book a mutually convenient time with you.  Vcita is a fantastic online booking system for this and there are many more available too.

These are just a few simple ways in which you can leverage list building on your website and really engage subscribers to pass over their email addresses.  By engaging them in your expertise first with one of the above they will be more inclined to hand over their email address.  Now it’s up to you to keep them engaged once you receive their email address.

How to Get Customers to Sign up for your Mailing Lists

How to Get Customers to Sign up for your Mailing Lists

If you have a blog or email marketing newsletter, then having a marketing or mailing list is a very significant part of your approach and can go a long way towards assisting to turn your blog or website visitors into raving fans – and better yet, customers.

If you ever wanted to sell an ebook, how much more likely is somebody to be interested in in purchasing the ebook if they have previously given you their email address in order to sign up to your mailing list?

Mailing lists are very important, but if you have simply popped your generic sign-up form on the right hand side of your page with the hope that people will enter their names and e-mails and create a massive email list, then you’re likely to be disappointed.

Instead, try these tips…

Guarantee trust through great content

The first thing to confirm is that you are updating your site frequently with great value content. Your objective is to

  • Give your potential customers a snippet of the kind of content they’ll get if they sign up.
  • Get them to trust you and to respect what you have to say.
  • Show them what an expert you are by providing a special offer or a product that they can download.

Giving out an email address is quite a personal thing and many customers/clients safeguard their email address because they receive too many emails each day. If your website seems spammy they will not enter their email address. Instead, show that you know what you’re speaking about and highlight your expert content so that it speaks for itself.

Talk about your list

Many bloggers are a little cautious to be asking for email addresses and so they avoid mentioning their list directly. Don’t make this mistake though, as actually talking about your mailing list can lead to more customers being aware of it and interested in it. Ask people directly to sign up, talk about your objectives and explain the stimulating subjects that will only be coming to your newsletters. Get customers excited about your newsletters as though it were a product you were selling directly.

Show snippets

A great strategy you can use to boost more customers to sign up to your list is to actually share bits and pieces of content from your newsletters. This can be done by hosting a blog on your website. This way you can give people a taste and if it’s good and what they are wanting to read, they will want more!

If you would like some further information about Lead Generation and List Building, download our mini report.