Episode #3 E-Invoicing Compliance with Daniel Herrera

Episode #3 E-Invoicing Compliance with Daniel Herrera


On Episode 3, we feature Daniela Herrera, Marketing and Business Development Manager at LucaPlus. Daniela is a dynamic marketing professional who has the ability to implement and utilise digital data, UX and automation to deliver B2B strategies in support of marketing, sales and product teams.

In this episode, we discuss LucaPlus and its benefits, the advantages of an e-invoicing system and how it helps out small business owners in the market today.

During this episode:

  • What is LucaPlus and their status in the market
  • Compliance requirement of e-invoicing
  • 5 steps of a good e-invoicing system
  • Integrations of LucaPlus to Xero, Myob and Quickbooks
  • Difference of LucaPlus and e-invoicing
  • Top benefits of using e-invoicing system
  • Social media handles
  • Hot seat questions

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