Episode #8 All Things App with Ben Allan

Episode #8 All Things App with Ben Allan


Ben Allan from Dr App has quite the story to share.  From a young age, he started working in real estate before coming to the decision to pivot his life in tech.  During this episode you will hear all about apps, what are apps, how clients are leveraging apps, what makes a good app along with the benefits of using an app.

Yes that’s right.  We get super nerdy during this episode.

Bio: After working in real estate from a young age, Ben had to make the conscious decision to pivot from a life in real estate to a life in tech, when he saw his job becoming superseded by technology. Ben works at Dr App on the Gold Coast, which is an app development firm. One of his main roles is to be a visionary for automation in business’ and bringing peoples idea to product form.

During this episode:

  • Ben’s story
  • What are apps?
  • How clients are leveraging apps
  • Elements of a good app
  • What are the benefits of using an app
  • Hot seat questions

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Connect with Ben Allan

Website: Dr App
Products: Dr App work
Facebook: @drappau
LinkedIn: thebenallan