Episode #4 Slow Living with Rachelle Glendon

Episode #4 Slow Living with Rachelle Glendon


During this episode, I share a conversation with Rachelle Glendon from How to Live Slow.  Rachelle is a slow living coach who takes you from overwhelmed to spending quality time with your family.  I’m bringing you this insightful episode because of the importance of slowing down and avoiding burn out not just in business but in life as well.  During this episode Rachelle shares with us how do you know when to slow down, how do you start, some of the steps to slowing down, self care, removing clutter from your life and the benefits to living slower.

This is an episode that everyone should listen to, especially if you are on that road to burn out.

So I hope you enjoy this conversation with Rachelle and take away some key tips.

During this episode:

  • Tell us a little about your story – background
  • How do you know when you need to slow down?
  • How do you start
  • Steps to Living slow
  • What is self care?
  • You mentioned Clutter, what sort of clutter should you remove from your life
  • Now that you are living slower, what are the benefits that you have found?
  • Hot Seat questions

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Connect with Rachelle Glendon

Website: How To Live Slow
Facebook: @howtoliveslow
Instagram: @howtoliveslow