Susan Wilkin; SASI award winner for 2014

Susan Wilkin; SASI award winner for 2014

Congratulations to Susan Wilkin our CEO for winning the 2014 SASI Award

The SASI award has always been a huge honour when it comes to the virtual industry in Australia. It always goes to people who are able to successfully help the virtual industry in worthwhile ways. Consequently, the SASI award is often known as the virtual industry award. Announced every year, the award is a means of thanking the individuals who have worked so hard to help the digital world. Most of the recipients of the SASI awards are people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and the award is a way of giving these worthy recipients some acknowledgement.

Although the recipients prefer to work behind-the-scenes, their main aim is to simply help the industry as a whole. Consequently, they don’t tend to get much appreciation for the incredible work that they do.

The award was specifically created by Digital Divas and this year, they have dedicated the award to Susan Wilkin from – the Virtual Assistant who has been so influential with her performance behind-the-scenes.

Susan Wilkin first took on the role of Executive Officer of AAVIP (Australian Association of Virtual Industry Professionals) in 2012 and has been unstoppable ever since. She has worked very hard to make sure that AAVIP was able to achieve its goals in 2013 and that it is able to reach the levels of success it has now. She has shown unflinching support to the board and volunteered her time for the benefit of all members and virtual assistants.

Susan Wilkin
CEO ADMINaholics