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Your Ultimate Skype for Business Guide

A fully updated guide for effectively using Skype for Business to communicate with your team

  • Etiquette. Our best tips for the most effective and professional communication on Skype
  • Hosting team and training meetings. Step by Step on how to use Skype’s group calling and screen sharing features
  • A full initial Step by Step set up guide. Use our screen shots to ensure that you can successfully download and install Skype

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In this guide, you will discover


Discover how to set up and receive personal voicemail on Skype so that you can personalise your message to ensure that you provide a professional image

Sharing screens

We show you how to share screens on Skype so that you can conduct a training call with your client or customer.

6 Bonus tips

Bonus tips include connecting to Facebook, using Skype on your Mobile, Business Etiquette, creating skype groups, Offline Mode, what is Skype lag.

How to fix audio settings

Audio can be a massive issue on Skype and this guide covers how to set your settings so that you can easily get your audio settings fixed.

A fully updated guide to use Skype professionally and efficiently

Download today and start using Skype for Business to boost your team productivity and provide some further solutions to your clients and customers.

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