Once you have put together a presentation with a wealth of content. You will want people to attend your webinar.

So how do you arrange for participants to attend?

Here are some techniques that will help you to create an invitation that will have them registering quickly to your online webinar.

  • Do not sell the product, this is part of what you will do while presenting, instead you want to sell the offer.
  • Hype up the event and the information that they will receive on your presentation – content is King! Besides while the goal will be to sell something, you don’t want your potential participants to know that, just yet!
  • Have a sales/landing page that allows them to register easily and effectively with no fuss. Include a shorter video on there too.
  • Send a great email newsletter invitation to your list to get them to sign up by leading them back to your sales page.
  • Advertise on Social Media and promote your webinar.

What you should include in your invitation

The invite needs to have facts and by showing them as benefits will develop a much a better registration result. Ensure that you really detail what sort of content that they will receive on the webinar and the benefit it is to them. By ensuring that your pitch and wording is right you will receive many more registrations.

Add images, videos and other graphics to your invitation. People are visual and often look at images or videos before reading the pitch. Infographics are a great way to show the benefits and other information as well.

A very important part of the invitation is to give the potential participant some information. They have to know what they are getting into by spending an hour watching your webinar. If they are going to participate, then you have to let them know why they should participate. You need to tell them who will be speaking at the webinar. For example, if it’s the tech genius of the world, qualifications and other information to really show their expert status.

Also include the date and time of the webinar. There are many resources and options available to allow for time conversion calculators so that the potential participant is able to convert their time into their local time. Ensure that you also send reminders leading up to the webinar as well and you can automate this feature.

Download our Essential Webinar Checklist which provides you with a step by step guide for hosting your webinar.

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