Running your own business is no easy task and with limited hours in the day you may be at a loss for time. If there is one thing that a virtual assistant can offer to your business, it is an abundance of time. You will have the ability to focus on actual meaningful business operations and know that your profits will not suffer as a result. Maximising your time is what you can expect to achieve by hiring a virtual assistant.

Here are some of the best time saving benefits that you can get access to:

How do I get more free time?
As a business owner, free time might seem like a foreign concept. There are so many things that need to get done and you simply don’t have the ability to do them all in a workday. This means that you can benefit greatly from having a virtual assistant to assist you in your business. Pouring yourself into your business without any breaks is never a good idea. You need time in the day or the workweek to actually recharge. With the help of a virtual assistant your business will not suffer or lag behind as a result. Simple to delegate tasks like data entry and email management can be left to a virtual assistant to handle. You will be amazed what a little free time will do for your energy levels and overall attitude.

How do I become more organised?
Most business owners have one common complaint that centres on a lack of organisation. You probably find it hard to stay organised with so many different business-related tasks on your plate. With the help of a virtual assistant you can spend your free time getting your business more organised. A virtual assistant can help you out with organising your tasks, appointments, programs, files and overall office. You will no longer be unprepared or behind in your business duties. Organisation is a dual benefit that comes from saving time with the help of a virtual assistant.

How do I delegate without losing control?
You don’t have to relinquish control of your business! Start by writing a list of the tasks that you no longer want to do but is really important to be completed for your business. Some of these tasks are:

  • Following up your customers (email and telephone)
  • Email management
  • Invoicing and Accounts
  • Telephone support
  • Email Newsletters
  • Business Document Design and Maintenance
  • Website Maintenance

You will find that by hiring a virtual assistant and delegating some or all of those tasks that you will free up more time to keep control of your business. You decide what tasks are delegated to the virtual assistant and you can be rest assured knowing that your business is in a skilled and qualified virtual assistant’s hands. Keeping control is something that you can look forward to in your business.

Susan Wilkin

Director, Online Business Manager and Webinar Speaker

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