Rachel Dool


Rachel Dool from Just in Time Virtual Assistant joins us on episode 5 of The Systems Zone Podcast discussing all things Lean Processes.  Rachel was previously a Physiotherapist before launching her VA business working specifically with allied health professionals.

On this episode, Rachel shares with us about processes, lean processes to streamline your business, some of the steps, best advice and the benefits that you will receive by refining these processes.

During this episode:

  • What is a lean process improvement coach?
  • When would you know that you need a lean process improvement coach?
  • What are the steps they need to put in place to create a lean business
  • Is there some software that you recommend to help with this?
  • You have a triple S for success program
  • Now that their business is leaner and running efficiently, what benefits are they finding
  • Lightening round of questions
  • Where can we find Rachel

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Linkedin: @racheldool

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