Why you need an Online Business Manager

An Online Business Manager is different to a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is given tasks and implements those tasks where as an Online Business Manager helps you to implement your overall BIG business picture. They are more than a task checker, they can bring together all the finer details to help you launch a new product, service or your business.

Why work with Susan Wilkin - OBM ADMINaholics

I am virtually addicted to technology and all the finer details that go with getting you to your end goal!

Susan Wilkin — My story

I launched ADMINaholics in 2009 because I saw a need in industry where business owners were time poor, stressed out and just couldn’t get it all done while still maintaining a quality work life balance. They needed systems to be streamlined so that they could focus on working on their business and not in their business.

Since 2009, I have worked with Industry Leaders, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Authors and Medical Professionals streamlining their business processes so that their business can go from strength to strength.

Personal tidbits about me

  • I am an Online Business Manager and natural organiser. Planning and organising is my thing!
  • I’m a Mum to three teenage boys (Mitch, Drew and Cain) and happily married to my husband (Glen).
  • I’m a gym junkie and tech nerd. I love a good chat, good coffee, travelling and read at least a book a week.
  • My favourite saying is ‘Give it to a busy person and they will get it done!

Qualifications and awards

Being a part of a larger network means that we are connected to over 5,000 virtual industry professionals, so we can also pull together a team of experts!

Why work with me?

You have a project that you need completed for a launch but you can’t manage all of the steps or have the resources to put this together. You need someone to strategically liaise with your team, bringing this project together.

You need someone who:

  • Strategises
  • Streamlines procedures and SOPs
  • Sorts problems
  • Manages teams
  • Implements projects
  • Is proactive
  • Is capable
  • Is honest
  • Is reliable
  • Is passionate.

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What I can do for your business

Streamlining Processes

Online Course Launches

Team Management

Email Marketing


Operations Management


Project Implementation


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